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Task Two – Week 11


In week ten, I had collected some feedback about my logo drafts, which can be seen down below.

Logo 1

For logo one, the scaling of the type compared to the bike was too extreme. It was suggested to have the bike smaller than the type and also to make the ‘riding tours’ text smaller than ‘open road’ text.

These next two were the most favoured, but still needed work done. Logo two wasn’t a strong logo, but the road illustration could be used somewhere within the website. It could be used as an interactive feature.

Logo 2

Logo three was alright as well but it seemed visually confusing. It was said that the bike looked like it was about to run into the trees.


It was then suggested I should change the tress in the third logo into mountains instead. This is so it can look like a distant horizon.

I took the mountain idea into my next few drafts and eventually ended up using it in my minimalist final logo. Down below is the development of the final logo.


Pinterest image

The mountain used in the drafts above was not my original work but an image I gathered from Pinterest. Here is the link to the image I used and then imaged traced.

Although it is very messy, the next image down below is a sketch I did of a mountain with the paint brush tool on Illustrator.

I took a screenshot of the sketch then heightened it’s contrast to then place it back in Illustrator. Then, I image traced it and adjusted its height to create the mountain that I now use in my final logo. Down below you can see how I kept developing different logos with the mountain I made.

Logo 4
Logo 5
Logo 6

Within the next tutorial I had shown my friends and Tutor these refined logos and I gathered more feedback. Logo six was the most favoured for its minimalistic style. I was then encouraged to make two versions, which can be seen down below, for my style guide.

Logo 7 (Final Logo version one)
Logo 8 (Final Logo version two)

These two are my final logos. Logo eight will be used for headers or horizontal layouts. Logo seven is my main logo that will be centred in some parts of my website.

I then started to put these logos in to practice as I began to make my website prototype. The screenshots below show my experimentation with the logo colour, layout and overall website placement.

Desktop layout 1
Desktop layout 2

I plan to continue to add features to my prototype website and include images and illustrations that are bike and outdoors related.


Pinterest board


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