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Our group Culture Canvas has uploaded two more culture weeks since the last blog post which was in the first week of October. These weeks were Indian week and Italian week.

‘Indian week’ was always planned to be a big week with a lot of excitement because we timed its post date to coincide with the celebration of Durga Puja, a massively festive time in India. We stuck with our consistent routine of posting a written interview paired with a YouTube video. Our YouTube video that Ankita and Georgia created was a huge success! We now have had twice as many views on this particular video than any other video we have dedicated to a culture week. This video and our Pitch is the most viewed videos. It was a very special video not only because it reflects Durga Puja, but also because Ankita contacted friends that live in India to collect video content. Ankita’s friends went to many festivals and street parties to celebrate and recorded snippets for us to share as a montage/ educational video.

We paired this with localised content within another written interview. Ankita interviewed her room mate about her life in India and also about her experience in Australia. We are really thankful and honoured that she opened up and talked about certain confronting situations in Australia. This week is favoured most by all of us because what we created for this week was what we wanted to do from the beginning. We wanted to connect deeply with others from different cultures and explore negative and positive experiences surrounding culture. Not only do we want our viewers to learn but we have been learning so much ourselves every week. It has also strengthened our friendship between us three.

This week is currently Italian week! We have so far posted two written interviews and a montage YouTube video celebrating the beauty of Italy.

I had collaborated with one of my close friends for a written interview. It was a really great opportunity for me to share her family bakery but also get to learn more about her family history.

With every interview we have done for Culture Canvas, we always somehow discuss about food. It is definitely our favourite topics when it comes to learning about different cultures! And that is exactly what my friend and myself did during this whole interview.

We are planning to add another written post for our website by the end of this week. Georgia also had interviewed one of her close friends and talked all about Italy and family traditions.

As I mentioned in my last blog posts, we all recognised how it is important to let the viewers in on what we do behind the scenes. To put this into practice we added another highlight section on our Instagram story that is dedicated to behind the scenes videos/ photos. We noticed that the views on our Instagram stories range from 13-47 views, which is better interaction than our photos on our timeline. Now knowing that our viewers prefer to look at our story instead of our timeline has inspired us to create more highlights. We want to connect more with our viewers and we believe this is the most effective way for us.

We are wrapping up Culture Canvas for this year and have all discussed how we are really grateful for everyone that allowed to us to share their lives and family stories for this project. We have had so much fun and learnt so much from connecting to all these people and we hope our viewers have as well.


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