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Anime Fans on TikTok!

For this assessment, I explored how anime fans socially interact and connect with each other on TikTok. I investigated these social transactions and noted what common trends were involved within this online community. Another aim for the project was to see whether TikTok was an appropriate and efficient platform for anime fans to use toContinue reading “Anime Fans on TikTok!”

Anime’s Economy

(Giphy 2019) This week I am reflecting on my initial post on the popular Asian cinematic genre of anime. Due to delving into the universe of anime during the lockdown, I have developed a deeper understanding of its themes and the international digital transactions involved. The specific digital transaction that I will now further explore is theContinue reading “Anime’s Economy”

Anime and Asian Digital Cinema

(Funimation 2019) This week I am exploring my initial and present reflection of the popular Asian cinematic genre, Anime. During the current pandemic, my sibling and I have been exploring different genres in streaming services, which has led to me watching Anime series on Netflix. Anime originally came from the English word “animation” (Japan InfoContinue reading “Anime and Asian Digital Cinema”

The Emergence of Ai into Gaming

Artificial intelligence has been a new aspect to gaming technology in the past couple of years and has brought a new dimension to user experience. It has introduced the fascinating prospect of creating digital beings/competitors to interact and respond to other gamers. For example, Microsoft is exploring player modelling which is an ai system thatContinue reading “The Emergence of Ai into Gaming”

Connecting through livestreams and transactions

Digital Asia – Digital financial transactions When watching the documentary directed by Hao Wu in 2018, ‘People’s Republic of Desire’, I was enlightened by the advanced system of digital financial transactions within Asia. Through this documentary’s exploration of the media industry of livestreaming I discovered the complexities involved between the live-streamer, their audience and theContinue reading “Connecting through livestreams and transactions”


BLOG TOPIC 6 – VCD302 Motion Design Technical achievement Some of the more complex techniques that I had learnt and achieved were the wave warp effect, the mirror effect, and the 3D layer tool. I go further into this development of skills in my previous blog post. Implementation of motion design fundamentals and where did itContinue reading “DESIGN ANALYSIS AND REFLECTION”

Examples of Shocking Advertisements

Trigger warning: The images in the link bellow contains upsetting content about animal cruelty that may trigger sadness, anger or anxiety. There is no visuals containing blood or gore. Please view with caution. (The Show Mustn’t Go On. Support Animal-free Circuses 2010) (Sewing pattern 2006) (Stop the abuse 2009) Reference list Sewing pattern 2006, image,Continue reading “Examples of Shocking Advertisements”

My video exploring shock advertising and animal cruelty!

Here is a link to my video that discusses what I discovered through my research of whether the use of shock advertisements is productive in helping fight against animal cruelty (images of suffering in the media through advertisements) I mention in the video that I would provide a link to three shocking advertisements, which youContinue reading “My video exploring shock advertising and animal cruelty!”

Pitching my animation!

BLOG TOPIC 4 – VCD302 Motion Design My project This Project will be an animation styled infographic that visually communicates the destruction of the natural world.The animation will feature an audio created by the ‘World Economic Forum‘ that has world-renowned environmental advocates like David Attenborough and Greta Thunberg. The animation will link to what theyContinue reading “Pitching my animation!”