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Culture Canvas Contextual Essay

Short project summary Background Culture Canvas is a project that explores different cultures and traditions. Ankita, Georgia and I wanted to connect to those around us that are from different cultures. We wanted to make a fun and educational platform that aims to create a sense of connectivity. Proposed utility We connected to our viewersContinue reading “Culture Canvas Contextual Essay”

Creating Instagram Illustrations

For our project Culture Canvas, we wanted to use Instagram for promotions. We thought it’d be a great platform to engage with our viewers and get them excited for each culture week. I use Adobe Illustrator to create each image. To start the process, I would look for inspiration, mainly on Pinterest. I gather drawingsContinue reading “Creating Instagram Illustrations”

Culture Canvas BETA

Culture Canvas Website Culture Canvas Youtube At this stage of the DA, we have completed two culture weeks; Chilean week and African week. We have gone through some successes but also some mistakes and fails that we are now trying to reflect and work on. We have noticed that we have attracted mostContinue reading “Culture Canvas BETA”

Culture Canvas: Pitch 1

Georgia, Ankita, Lydia and I all have a great interest in interviewing our friends and family members who are from different cultures and post it on our website named Culture Canvas! This content will vary from recipes, photos, music and film suggestions and stories about their celebrations, memories and even hardships experienced. I will focusContinue reading “Culture Canvas: Pitch 1”