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Task Two – Week 9

This is the beginning stages of Task two for this subject and I’ll be discussing all the steps of my creative process, starting with the define stage.


For my website that I’ll be creating it will be about motor bike tours, named ‘Open Road Riding’. It fits into the outdoor adventure theme and will include several features, for example tour information, maps, illustrations and photo galleries.

I started exploring this idea with a lot of brainstorming and mind mapping, which can be seen down below. I gathered the idea from stemming off the idea of road trips. I also was inspired by my family who have previously done a trip around Australia on their bike and fully encompassed the idea of an outdoor adventure.

– Brainstorming and mind mapping that was done in class-

Brainstorming and mind mapping that was done in class

-Further mind mapping done at home-

Further mind mapping done at home

I then went to Pinterest to explore visual ideas for my website (this is the link to my Pinterest board). I collected inspiration for typography, my logo and colour scheme. My mood-board down bellow reflects said inspiration and ideas.

On my moodboard I displayed:

  • Type contrast through cursive and condensed text hoping to achieve a complementary set.
  • Bike sketches from Pinterest that I image traced.
  • Two different outdoor themed colour schemes. I favour the sunset like colour scheme on the top left of the mood-board more than the other.
  • Outdoor image inspiration. I want my website to be filled with images, for I believe it is best to sell an outdoor experience with visual content.

I researched other motorbike tours and gathered a competitive set. Links are in my Reference list.

Down bellow is the biggest competitor that I found, ‘Motorcycle Diaries‘. It has clear and beautiful imagery that definitely assists in selling the experience.

Although it is a hypothetical competitor, I am inspired by the maps and illustrations. This is a feature that I’m looking forward to create for my website.


Here is my rationale for this assessment which dives into the features of my the ‘Beyond Range’ website:

Beyond Range is a website/ company that organises motorbike tours across Australia. It was built around the theme of outdoor adventure and was inspired by my parents motorbike trip around the edge of Australia.
This website will contain different available trips that will explore different environments outside, forests, coasts and dry land. I believe that it is very important to have a lot of visual content on my website. This is so it can promote the outdoor adventures through visual and sensory images. It will help sell the tours. My targeted audience is anyone over the age of 18 and specifically anyone with a passion for motorbikes and love to travel. These tours are essentially road trips due to the smallest bundle being an overnight tour. This website will contain pages such as an about us page, tour descriptions, booking a tours page and photo galleries. ‘About us’ page will explore our tour leaders and dive into their tips for these travels. It will also include contact details if viewers have any more questions. The ‘tour descriptions’ page will be the most content-heavy. Here I will include illustration maps and lots of scenic photos. The overall design will be following the outdoors theme with the colour scheme representing a sunset. Bike icons and road-related vectors will be all over the website as well as a form of visual communication to viewers.



Down below is my site map. It became a bit complex but I essentially wanted to create a website that is interactive. The viewers will go step by step choosing their wanted tour/ holiday before booking it. They will choose which type of tour and then how long they want to travel for.


For my logo I started sketching outdoor icons and bike related icons.

From here I will ‘place’ and ‘Image Trace’ what I have sketched and then start tracing the images and turn them into vectors. I will also place fonts next to the vectors to start piecing together a logo.


Pinterest Board

Bike around Oz

World on Wheels

Motorcycle Diaries


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