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Discussions at the dinner table

The Media Theory Toolbox and ‘The Public Sphere’ The ‘public sphere’ is an environment where individuals come to voice and express their opinions, troubles, news and current social matters. In this modern digital age, I am updated on current news and social discussions through social media like Twitter, which I discussed in my last blogContinue reading “Discussions at the dinner table”

Who owns Twitter? Does it effect me?

Media Ownership Our ideas and knowledge about what’s happening in the world can be altered or even created by a certain perspective that the media gives us. Media owners have a frightening amount of power of deciding what information to give to us to shape what we see, think and feel. The more I thinkContinue reading “Who owns Twitter? Does it effect me?”

When I was apart of a Music Festival Audience

Media Audiences I have been a part of an audience for many occasions, but one that I remembered most vividly was Childish Gambino’s performance at ‘Field Day’ Music Festival. I had been a part of his fanbase for a few years so the build-up to this event was exciting to say the least. This wasContinue reading “When I was apart of a Music Festival Audience”