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At this stage of the DA, we have completed two culture weeks; Chilean week and African week. We have gone through some successes but also some mistakes and fails that we are now trying to reflect and work on.

We have noticed that we have attracted most of our viewers via Instagram. We have tried to catch viewers’ attention by creating countdown illustrations that overall create a large banner on our profile.

We believe that this level of interaction was due to the amount we were posting. Although this is where we also noticed some mistakes in our process. As you can see in the graph there was a dramatic decrease in likes between the 7th and 8th post.

This was because we had neglected our audience during the week long break, we had during our Chilean week and African week while we collected content. A change that we plan to make is to create more of an interaction between ourselves and the viewers. We have brainstormed strategies to achieve this goal such as, posting more on our Instagram stories and posting more general images that involve behind the scenes photos. This will hopefully create curiosity within our viewers to tune in to what we are creating. It will also strengthen the connection between us and our viewers because they will be more involved in our process.

In our video, we express that we struggled with the amount of content we were pressuring ourselves to gather and create. I did receive advice within one of my tweets explaining that collecting as much content as we can is actually a great concept in terms of gaining more viewers and interaction.

But overall, we have realised that it is unrealistic of us to have this expectation to have heaps of content, especially considering we have other assessments to complete. We discussed as a group that for our future week celebrating Japanese culture that we will aim to collect the content written down below. This was all brought to our attention through the #FIST strategy that is shown in our subject outline.

Down below is the link to our BETA Youtube video, check it out!


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