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Prototype Process

Since the ideating stage of this DA, our group Culture Canvas has completed two more weeks. We have done African week and Japanese week.

African week was successful, but we did come across some complications.


We had created a YouTube video and composed two interviews for African week. But our plan was to create another blog post celebrating Africa’s most loved landmarks and places to visit. But as we discussed in our BETA, with other university commitments, this goal was unrealistic. It was here that we realised we had so far ignored what was encouraged by our lecturers which was to focus on creating a project that is fast, inexpensive and small. We recognised that it would be more effective if we focus on creating less content that it is better quality.

We have also realised that food was becoming a repeated topic during each week. We really enjoy discussing about food and love discovering other food traditions from other cultures. We noticed that having food related videos has made our viewers that are food lovers very happy. This was gathered from asking our friends and family. We also believe that it is an opportunity for our viewers to know who we are through looking into our videos of us cooking with our family.

We recently have done a Mukbang video of us three eating sushi for Japan week. This was Ankita Som’s first-time trying sushi and it was special to record this experience. Although we focus a lot on asking others about their cultures, this is our way of personally exploring different cultures.

Our Process

We have recognised an effective process of creating content. We all email or message friends, family members or students that are within a certain culture and then we distribute what we have collected between us three. Ankita Som edits all the interview transcripts we have typed out and using her writing skills she makes each interview flow nicely for the readers to enjoy. I am then given all the content that wants to be posted on the website and lay it out, adding pictures and designs. Georgia is using her video making skills to edit all the YouTube videos. We all then post promotions on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook about when the new content is posted. We try and even out the load of tasks to help each other not become overwhelmed with University work.

Audience Interaction

For audience interaction we will be planning on posting more on our Instagram. Ankita has been regularly posting on facebook but Instagram is where most of our viewers go. As we said in our BETA, we want to show more behind the scenes photos so that our viewers can feel more a part of the process.

We started this last week during Japanese week and we believe it helped with our views on our Youtube channel.

Georgia Gye had thought to make the website more user friendly by not only having a button viewer’s click to the next page but also make the photos and descriptions linked as well. This will make it easier and quicker for viewers view what they want on our website.

I learnt in another subject that it is more beneficial for your website to have not too many categories. It is better to have no more than three clicks to have the important information accessible for viewers. This will be my personal next task within Cultural Canvas, to make our website more accessible for our viewers. Our next task as a group is to collect content for Indian week!


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3 thoughts on “Prototype Process

  1. Nice mix of reflective information and content curation techniques with your DA. You’ve clearly thought through FIST by taking something similar that has already been created and taking it in your own direction. You have correctly taken the steps of IDEATING and prototyping allowing your project to develop. I found Jacob Neilson’s video, ‘Usability Testing w. 5 Users: Design Process‘, very useful. He breaks down why it is necessary to place high value on testing prototypes with users so that we as creators gain feedback on the entertainment service we provide to ensure that users will return and are satisfied with the content. But awesome work look forward to seeing more of your DA as it porgresses!

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  2. Hi, I think your DA is very unique! Talking about different cultures seems like such an interesting topic. The Mukbang was very well-edited! (and looking at all that food now makes me hungry) The idea of behind the scenes is awesome! The process is just as important as the finished product.
    You mentioned written interviews and I just wanted to say that my DA is also based on interviews and the written interviews haven’t received the response that I expected them to. I ran a poll and as a result of that I realised that the audience prefers interviews in video form. You could try recording interviews for your DA and see how it works out.
    There were a few things however that I would like to point out:
    – I feel that the use of Hyperlink will make the blog more informative and interactive
    – I checked out the website and I think it was pretty cool but I felt that the addition of a comments section for audience feedback would increase the audience engagement. I have also created a site for my DA and I didn’t know how to add a comments section. I looked it up and I came to know that you first have to create a google form and then insert in on the google site.
    – I read through the blog post but I wasn’t really sure if you mentioned who your target audience is. My initial DA failed because of the uncertainty regarding the target audience, I couldn’t specifically put a finger on my potential audience and that didn’t work out very well for me. I think, having a clear set of people in mind makes the promotion process easier. My new DA focuses on International students at UOW and that’s why I promote my DA on UOW International students facebook group.
    Other than that, I think your DA is turning out to be amazing! Good luck!

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