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Select, Implement and Learning Stages

Week 5

Being far behind in the production stages for my poster I made sure to catch up with what I needed to do on Illustrator.

I also looked into more data and research to broaden my topic, which I have decided to change from ‘water conservation in Australia’ to ‘water scarcity across the world’. Down bellow are some sketches and rough statistic graphics for my poster.

I finally then went to Illustrator to turn my graphs (examples down bellow) that I made on Excel into vector graphs. I had a colour pallet on the side of my art-board which I had collected from Adobe colour and then altered it slightly. As I was designing my graphs I would use the eye dropper tool to create a consistent colour pattern.

The graphs first placed onto Illustrator
Using the Eye dropper tool to change the colours of the graphs

Week 6

In this week I continued completing my poster. Due to not having anything to show in class last week I was expecting a lot of feedback on my A3 poster. Down bellow is my initial A3 poster I brought to the tutorial.

Initial A3 poster

Down bellow is some of the feedback I gathered during the tutorial. First note was to remove unnecessary features, which are pointed out through the crosses. Another note was to remove the blocks I have in the background that work as sections. This needed to be removed for it interrupted the visual flow of my poster. I also failed to see that I have an inconsistency with my smaller font by having them in different sizes and spacing, which was made obvious when I printed it. The bucket graphs were also not as easy to read as I hoped, for it didn’t show dramatic signs of difference. I needed to demonstrate more clear visual comparison.

I then proceeded to alter my poster during the rest of the tutorial, this mainly included changing the settings of my smaller font to match, changing the buckets and getting rid of the background blocks and unnecessary Illustrations.

Down bellow is my final poster which I submitted at the end of the tutorial as an A3 poster. The only change I made during the break was slightly making the white boarder wider. When printing the poster in A1 size for week 8 I did notice that the shade of blue was slightly different. But in saying this, I wasn’t upset and in fact liked the final product better due to it being printed to a higher quality at Officeworks.

Lessons Learnt

  • How to use excel; it’s basic features and how to create graphs with the ‘Recommended Charts’ option.
  • The importance of clear comparison in visual data. This is for the reader to understand quickly what the data/graphs are demonstrating.
  • Of course, needing to print more copies during the process because it always looks different on the screen compared to print and to scale
  • I also enjoyed doing paper ideating first for it made the process on the computer more efficient and I had a clearer plan of what I wanted to create, especially when it came to the composition of everything.

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