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The Emergence of Ai into Gaming

Artificial intelligence has been a new aspect to gaming technology in the past couple of years and has brought a new dimension to user experience. It has introduced the fascinating prospect of creating digital beings/competitors to interact and respond to other gamers. For example, Microsoft is exploring player modelling which is an ai system thatContinue reading “The Emergence of Ai into Gaming”

Examples of Shocking Advertisements

Trigger warning: The images in the link bellow contains upsetting content about animal cruelty that may trigger sadness, anger or anxiety. There is no visuals containing blood or gore. Please view with caution. (The Show Mustn’t Go On. Support Animal-free Circuses 2010) (Sewing pattern 2006) (Stop the abuse 2009) Reference list Sewing pattern 2006, image,Continue reading “Examples of Shocking Advertisements”

A field site of the body positive community of TikTok

– Re-uploaded on the 2nd of September and edited on the 4th of September 2020 – As I looked into my media niche, I noted that I have a growing interest in the body positive community on social media. This interest began when I discovered the social media influencer Mik Zazon. Thanks to the algorithmContinue reading “A field site of the body positive community of TikTok”