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Week Four Research Task

Historical Investigations: Warhol & Greiman Andy Warhol Andy Warhol is an internationally known and praised designer who flourished during the Pop Art movement. Art enthusiasts have no trouble visually connecting the sixties to Warhol’s persona and designs. This distinct movement had been illustrious for its eager and bright colours. It didn’t shy away from comicContinue reading “Week Four Research Task”

Week Two Research Task

Postmodernism and Constructivism. Postmodernism Postmodernism, or sometimes referred to as PoMo, is a movement that I have become more familiar with throughout my study of visual communications. I recognise it as a trend of turning against traditional means commonly used in art and design practices in past movements. It rebels against modernist techniques and questionsContinue reading “Week Two Research Task”

Week Two Reflection

Observe, Collect, Record. We began this first assessment with looking into Visual Literacy with a slideshow of examples. Visual Literacy is a tool that we can explore through the use of intense colour, emotive typography, scale, innovative figures and images. It is what designers use to convey a message to an audience.The image bellow wasContinue reading “Week Two Reflection”