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Creating Instagram Illustrations

For our project Culture Canvas, we wanted to use Instagram for promotions. We thought it’d be a great platform to engage with our viewers and get them excited for each culture week. I use Adobe Illustrator to create each image. To start the process, I would look for inspiration, mainly on Pinterest. I gather drawingsContinue reading “Creating Instagram Illustrations”

Culture Canvas BETA

Culture Canvas Website Culture Canvas Youtube At this stage of the DA, we have completed two culture weeks; Chilean week and African week. We have gone through some successes but also some mistakes and fails that we are now trying to reflect and work on. We have noticed that we have attracted mostContinue reading “Culture Canvas BETA”

Select, Implement and Learning Stages

Week 5 Being far behind in the production stages for my poster I made sure to catch up with what I needed to do on Illustrator. I also looked into more data and research to broaden my topic, which I have decided to change from ‘water conservation in Australia’ to ‘water scarcity across the world’.Continue reading “Select, Implement and Learning Stages”

Cultural Appropriation and Katy Perry

Within the creative and performing arts industry it is encouraged to acknowledge and celebrate different ideas and practises. It creates an effective flow of communication and connection between artist’s, but sometimes forms of appreciation can be done incorrectly and in an offensive way. Within hip-hop and pop music, appropriation is a reoccurring issue that isContinue reading “Cultural Appropriation and Katy Perry”

The Korean Wave and The Villainess

For this week’s task to understand the role of globalisation in films, I sat down and watched the movie ‘The Villainess’. ‘The Villainess’ is a Korean based movie that was directed by Jung Byung-gil who has previous cinematography in the ‘Action Boys’ (Vélez 2017). This movie had heavy use of violence and gory graphics dueContinue reading “The Korean Wave and The Villainess”