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My Media Niche

– Last edited on the 4th of September 2020 – Before writing this post I had given myself some time to look through the media accounts, mostly social media, that I use on my phone. I noticed that I mostly spend my time scrolling and admiring illustration design accounts on Instagram, listening to book seriesContinue reading “My Media Niche”

Research Project Progress

It is now week eight and I’m starting to collect more resources, including secondary data and primary data, that is directing me towards an opinion piece! Secondary data Since week five I have been collecting journal articles and annotating helpful quotes on OneNote. I collected a few articles on weeks five and six but haveContinue reading “Research Project Progress”

My Curiosity – Research Proposal

Is exam anxiety a serious threat to university students academic potential and how could we support anxious students? I have always been interested in the nature of exams and I want to expand my knowledge on the positive and negative factors surrounding students experiences during exam seasons at university. I have a few points thatContinue reading “My Curiosity – Research Proposal”

Introducing the brand!

VCD 201 – Task one – Brand description For this semester’s first assessment, I have chosen to create a swimwear brand (fake brand). This swimwear brand will be Australian sells all curvy/ plus size swimwear for women. This brand fully supports body positivity and will provide a range of swimwear that complements¬†shapely women.¬† This brandContinue reading “Introducing the brand!”

Culture Canvas Contextual Essay

Short project summary Background Culture Canvas is a project that explores different cultures and traditions. Ankita, Georgia and I wanted to connect to those around us that are from different cultures. We wanted to make a fun and educational platform that aims to create a sense of connectivity. Proposed utility We connected to our viewersContinue reading “Culture Canvas Contextual Essay”