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BLOG TOPIC 3 – VCD302 Motion Design Technical achievement I am proud of my achievement in developing motion design skills and using particular techniques such as the rotation tool, the opacity tool, the scale tool and the constant change in temporal settings. I also used a clipping mask in a few of my compositions whichContinue reading “DESIGN ANALYSIS AND REFLECTION”

Breaking down my animation

BLOG TOPIC 2 – VCD302 Motion Design MOTION DESIGN FUNDAMENTALS USED This was my first experimentation with the program After Effects, so it was important for me to understand its basic tools and design fundamentals. I used the techniques suggested by Lupton and Phillips (2008, pg. 224) to make a stationary circle come to lifeContinue reading “Breaking down my animation”


BLOG TOPIC 1 – VCD302 Motion Design When suggested to watch the title sequences of the television series ‘Chilling Adventures of Sabrina‘ by Robert Hack and ‘Night of the Demons‘ by Kathy Zielinski I began to grasp an understanding of how designers are able to synchronise the use of primary motion, secondary/ camera motion andContinue reading “MOTION THROUGH SABRINA AND NIGHT OF THE DEMONS”

Is this too shocking?

Research Question Is the use of shocking and grotesque imagery in advertising productive? Images of suffering in visual communication design and advertising.  I was intrigued by the topic of controversy on publishing images portraying suffering and the indeterminate nature of their impact. After seeing examples of this topic, such as┬áKevin Carter’s ‘Starving Child and Vulture‘Continue reading “Is this too shocking?”

A field site of the body positive community of TikTok

– Re-uploaded on the 2nd of September and edited on the 4th of September 2020 – As I looked into my media niche, I noted that I have a growing interest in the body positive community on social media. This interest began when I discovered the social media influencer Mik Zazon. Thanks to the algorithmContinue reading “A field site of the body positive community of TikTok”

Diving Deeper into the Body Positive Community

– Edited on the 4th of September 2020 – During this week of exploring the topic of the body positive community on TikTok, I have done some academic research to define which paradigmatic framework I will use to analyse my research. The key terms I used to search for articles that correspond with the bodyContinue reading “Diving Deeper into the Body Positive Community”

My Research Plan!

– Edited on the 4th of September 2020 – Section 1 – Problematisation approach Once I discovered the body positive community on TikTok, I found many features that I wish I had come across sooner, features I think others should know. Within in this niche, there are so many sub discussions happening within the community,Continue reading “My Research Plan!”