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My Media Niche

@evelin.illustration 2020, via Instagram

– Last edited on the 4th of September 2020 –

Before writing this post I had given myself some time to look through the media accounts, mostly social media, that I use on my phone. I noticed that I mostly spend my time scrolling and admiring illustration design accounts on Instagram, listening to book series on Audible (which I am currently hooked on the Harry Potter series), listening to podcasts whilst at work, including Jonathan Van Ness’s podcast episodes on his curiosities on culture and society ( he is a cast member of the Netflix popular series ‘Queer Eye’). But what I have been most attached to is TikTok streams of body positivity.
The topic of body positivity, self-love and discussions on the harm of body shaming on social media has been a strong interest of mine since last year. I am drawn to the strong sense of support and the sense of community these videos, hashtags and trends create.
I remember that my interest in this topic skyrocketed when I stumbled across the TikTok account of Mik Zazon (@mikkzaon).

@mikkzazon – Mik Zazon 2020

Her themes of confidence and her drive to fight against body image expectations for women created by society, has given her immense popularity upon TikTok. Her videos discussing her journey of loving her stretch marks, cellulite and other features of her body, made me feel a personal connection towards her.

@mikkzazon – Mik Zazon 2020

It was TikTok’s algorithm that assisted in flooding my timeline/ my ‘for you page’ with more videos from creators that are driven with the same motives. I can now easily spend hours scrolling through positive and loving videos and feel happy! Down bellow are more of my favourite accounts:


got taken down for wearing bikinis but… #bodypositive ALWAYS 👙✨ @sauceyogranny got this song in my head 💖 #acceptallbodytypes

♬ Laid up got me thinking bae – Sauceyogranny
@haylijayd 2020

Reposting bc I miss this series so much and wanna recreate it with more body types #bodypositive

♬ original sound – Clara
@claraandherself 2020

Mik Zazon is also an example of how these creators on TikTok use their popularity to continue the discussion of body positivity on other social media accounts. She has a website which has connected all of her profiles including her Instagram and YouTube account. This gives her fans the ability to see more content of hers, such as motivational images and health/ wellbeing videos.

@mikzazon – Mik Zazon 2020

A common trend that I notice when I am scrolling through TikTok is influencers, including Mik, responding to comments left by hateful viewers. Mik Zazon actively educates and defends the body positive community by retaliating against these mentioned ‘hate’ comments.

@mikkzazon – Mik Zazon 2020

When looking at TikTok alone, it can be assumed that the target audience for videos under the body positive and self-love hashtags/ trends are younger audiences. Mohsin’s blog post (2020) stated that 41% of users (TikTok users) are between the ages of 16 and 24. Users such as Mik Zazon target their videos towards females in particular, but the community is reaching for both males and females as a sign of equality.
I am interested in broadening my understanding of the body positive community on TikTok and how the community has spread to other platforms. How could this hashtag and trend continue growing to other media platforms?
My initial understanding is that this community has grown on social media because the members are eager to see acceptance and fight against unrealistic, damaging messages and expectations created by society. The mainstream media don’t cover these topics, and if it is mentioned, such as on the news or a talk show, it is less frequent compared to TikTok, Instagram and other popular social media platforms. This community is creating a new trend that has the potential to create acceptance and eliminate body shaming. This potential makes me excited and eager to join this trend!


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