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Final Reflection Post

BCM 212 Understanding Research Practice

This was the first Research Portfolio I have had to compose during my degree at university and although it was a large task, for the most part, it was insightful.
I enjoyed the opportunity to do a research task on a topic that applies to something I am experiencing; the experience of a university student. My topic of discovering what study spaces best benefit a student’s academic performance, was a topic that I was genuinely interested in because I move from different workspaces constantly trying to find the best for myself to stay motivated. It made the assessment seem less of a mandatory university task.

In saying that, though, I did come across some learning curves that I would change if I were to do this research task again.
Creating a Gantt chart was helpful and I would like to use them for future assessments. But I misjudged how long it takes to find secondary sources. I set for one source a day for two weeks and collect all the information I would need, but that turned out to be unrealistic. I learnt that I would need to be researching constantly throughout the whole semester. If I had considered this when making the Gantt chart, it would have relieved some of the pressure from weeks 5 and 6 where I initially planned to do all my research. I found that the direction of the research I was searching for was always shifting due to the results I got from my survey.

I would have also given more time in my Gantt chart to send out my survey. I received 34 responses, which I was happy with, but it would have been interesting to see what more people would have to say about their study space. It would have been a more accurate representation of the students of BCM 212.
I may have also done reflection posts more often because I believe it would have kept me more accountable to get work done and keep on track with my Gantt chart. Sharing more posts may have also made me more connected to other BCM students and given me more confidence to collaborate.

Overall it was a good experience and allowed me to expand my understanding of the codes of ethics when it comes to research and surveys and it made me feel more connected to the BCM community, especially on Twitter!


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