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Opinion Piece Progress

Week 11 Update

From my last progress post, I had 18 responses which have increased to 33 responses. I am very happy about this and believe it is a good enough sample for this project and to create a reasonable opinion piece.

Now that I have annotated all my responses from the survey, I have discovered quite a few patterns that I found interesting! Which I’ll mention down below.

I have finished my introduction, which is in the format as a hypothetical scenario of a student finding their ideal study space. This was advised by my tutor and was really helpful.

I then created a visual structure of my opinion piece. I have dot points listing the patterns I have discovered and matched them with quotes form journal articles I have found so far. For example, two of the top patterns I have discovered is that students state they thrive more in a noise controlled and clean study space. I have added points made by Maura Smale’s article, ‘I am More Productive in the Library Because It’s Quiet’, such as similar discoveries of student favouring libraries because of the noise control.

In all honestly, it has been hard to maintain motivation, so I plan to do a little bit of my opinion piece a day so that I can stay on track with this assessment.


Regalado, M & Smale, M 2015, ‘I Am More Productive in the Library Because It’s Quiet’, College and Research Libraries, vol. 76, no. 7, pp. 899-913.


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