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Research Project Progress

It is now week eight and I’m starting to collect more resources, including secondary data and primary data, that is directing me towards an opinion piece!

Secondary data

Since week five I have been collecting journal articles and annotating helpful quotes on OneNote. I collected a few articles on weeks five and six but have since fallen behind. From the feedback I received on assessment two, I have added more time for collecting research to my Gantt chart.

The answers I have received from my survey has also lead me to research more articles on distractions in study environments and how they impact a student’s academic performance.


I’m really happy with the responses given by the BCM students that have completed my survey. The only issue is that I only have 18 responses. I plan to go through the ‘Big spreadsheet’ on Moodle to start contacting more people on Twitter asking if they are interested in filling out my survey and so I can help them out as well by filling out their surveys.
I compiled a word doc of the responses sectioned into similarities and patterns. I have done this so that I can see where this data is leading towards and what important patterns I should mention in the opinion piece.

Next task I have started

I have started to compile a bibliography. I know this is a time-consuming task and I don’t want to leave it all to do last minute, but instead to it as I go. In my Gantt chart, I stated that I would send in my first draft of my bibliography last week, but I am falling behind. I will use this ‘break week’ to catch up and aim to send a draft in by the weekend.


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