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My NEW Curiosity

After recent considerations of the risk of offending or hurting audience members by discussing mental health, I have decided not to discuss the effects of exam anxiety and how it impacts a students academic performance.

Instead, I have brainstormed other curiosities of mine and have decided on a new topic that I am very excited to dive into!

How do study spaces impact students academic performance?

Personally, I have always struggled to find an appropriate study space for myself and continue to move around to different places such as the library, parks, my backyard, my bedroom and other places at home. This lead me to my new found curiosity and interest to find out what other BCM 212 students believe are the best places to study/ work.

Here are different points I wish to look into during my research;

  • What are the students needs to effectively study?
  • How can these needs be met in a study space?
  • What are some study spaces that are available for university students?
  • What are the pros and cons of certain study areas?
  • How could certain spaces overall positively or negatively impact a student’s performance during exams?

Why I believe this topic is timely, relevant and achievable:

When deciding to change topics, I made sure to choose something that I could incorporate the research and Twitter polls I had already completed for my initial topic. I have found some journal articles that discuss exam anxiety, which I can correlate to the impact study spaces have on a students performance during an exam; a distracting or negative study space creating exam anxiety therefore the student not demonstrating their full academic potential.

Also, I had discussed my change of topic with my BCM 212 tutor, who assured me that this topic would be achievable for there are other students researching students learning conditions at home that I could possibly collaborate with.

For these reasons I believe my new topic is achievable.

Like my initial topic, I believe that this topic is also timely due to the recent outbreak of COVID-19.

This outbreak has forced myself and fellow students across the world to stay home and continue their studies online. Therefore, we are forced to study at home. Through research I hope to discover ways that students can effectively study at home. It is already apparent that this change to our studies will effect our academic performance, so I want to use this opportunity to connect with BCM students who are either thriving at home or finding themselves struggling to study.

If you are a BCM student and have a similar research topic, I would love to get in contact and share ideas!

If you have a personal experience in successfully finding a study space for yourself or any feedback, feel free to leave a comment or contact me personally at Twitter!


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