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Introducing the brand!

VCD 201 – Task one – Brand description

For this semester’s first assessment, I have chosen to create a swimwear brand (fake brand). This swimwear brand will be Australian sells all curvy/ plus size swimwear for women. This brand fully supports body positivity and will provide a range of swimwear that complements shapely women. 

This brand also is eco-friendly. I have struggled to find brands that passionate about both body-positive values and be aware of their environmental footprint. This means that all packaging will be recyclable. The swimwear will also be eco-friendly by being made recycled materials that are long-lasting with regenerated nylon (Econyl) and sweat-shop free.

This brand’s target audience is women of all ages and sizes! It is an Australian brand so we will aim to encourage Australians to buy the product, but it is available online. We will also provide a line tapered for pregnant women; maternity swimwear. We will provide swimwear that are complimentary for every skin tone. Instagram would be our most used platform to reach out to our audience so naturally, we would try to catch the eye of younger users between 16-30-year-olds (the higher percentage of users on Instagram). To visually communicate to Instagram users that our brand is catered to women only, we would make it visually look more feminine. 

The next step is to choose a name for the brand!

So far, these are names that I have quickly brainstormed ;

  • curve
  • sea change
  • salty swim
  • Deep blue
  • Curvy baby
  • blue label swim
  • curved
  • she swims
  • Miss 
  • lady
  • aqua

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