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Culture Canvas Contextual Essay

Short project summary


Culture Canvas is a project that explores different cultures and traditions. Ankita, Georgia and I wanted to connect to those around us that are from different cultures. We wanted to make a fun and educational platform that aims to create a sense of connectivity.

Proposed utility

We connected to our viewers and analysed their patterns on our platforms. Based on our data that we collected, we noticed more viewers were on Facebook and Instagram, so we decided to continue making videos but promote them heavily on Instagram and Facebook; For example, Ankita is constantly promoting our new interviews to her family and friends on Facebook.

From our voting polls on all our Twitter accounts we understood that people preferred visual content over written (which can be seen down below).

Personally, we wanted to keep continuing on creating written content but pair it with plenty of photos and clips.

Proposed production method

After week seven we decided to create no more than one YouTube video and two interviews for each ‘culture week’ (this will be discussed further later on). We would meet up, discuss who we can interview and what we can record, then go our separate ways to collect as much content as we can.

Examples of meeting notes:

Week four notes
Week five notes

Over Facebook and our shared Google account we constantly stay in contact with each other. Georgia uses iMovie to edit our video and Ankita and myself edit our interviews and post them to our Culture Canvas website. On Instagram I post Illustration banners that spell out what culture week is next. We also share many videos and photos on our Instagram stories.

Analysis of important learning moments

Event One

Week five was our first week of putting out content. I had gathered videos of my family making a Chilean dish, Cazuela, for Georgia to edit.

Screenshot of Cazuela video

We had four other written posts as well including an interview with my nan, ‘places to go in Chile’, an interview with other students and a written copy of the Cazuela recipe.

Here is the link to the Chilean Week page.

After this, we had put a high amount of pressure on ourselves to keep posting this large amount of content. This is where come across our first mistake. It came to African week and we were too focused on quantity of content over quality. We became stressed and overwhelmed which made us lose our spark to create for a few days. Here we were reminded from the mini lectures of the #FIST technique. Then we changed our goals of the amount of content we’ll make for this DA and aggreged to make sure we don’t stretch ourselves too thin.

Event Two

Japanese week was next after African week. We are very happy with the what we posted and personally the Mukbang video is one of my favourites that Georgia has created. Though, we came across the issue of planning too late during the week prior. We didn’t remember to reach out to our viewers about potentially interviewing them until three days before we planned to announce Japanese week.

It was a stressful few days and it made us motivated to be more organised. We figured out that it’s more realistic to give ourselves more time to have responses from others on social media.

On a more positive note I have really enjoyed this DA! It made me connect with so many people and learn more about my family and friends. Working with Ankita and Georgia has been so much fun and learning about their cultures and family history was amazing. Having an online presence is still somewhat intimidating to me, but this experience has made me realise how important it is to be connected to your viewers.

Although we are wrapping up Culture Canvas for this year, I know that I would definitely jump on the opportunity to continue it or other online projects that are similar in the future.


BETA video:

Cazuela video:

Chilean Week Page:

Culture Canvas Instagram:



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