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Creating Instagram Illustrations

For our project Culture Canvas, we wanted to use Instagram for promotions. We thought it’d be a great platform to engage with our viewers and get them excited for each culture week.

I use Adobe Illustrator to create each image.

To start the process, I would look for inspiration, mainly on Pinterest. I gather drawings and pictures that I could possibly use later. This is my Pinterest Board of all the images I have sourced.

A lot of my research is also looking into travel sites with lists of the best landmarks of each country. I sometimes look deeper and search native flowers, animals and traditional food.

I would then go to Adobe Illustrator and focus on making the background. I either make a flag, or a simple backdrop. I then added type, which I always set to the font ‘Lemongrass Script Regular’. I would duplicate the word and set it to a darker hue and place it behind to create a shadow effect.

I then start to add the Illustrations that I gathered from Pinterest. I would screenshot them and then ‘place’ them onto the image.

I then use the ‘image trace tool’ on the 3-colour setting, ‘expand’ setting and then ‘ungroup’ setting. These steps can be seen down below.

I then would experiment with different colours and see what fits best with the background colours. I then would do this for every feature. I wanted to fill the picture with as many features as I could so when I later split the image into six, there wouldn’t be any empty or boring spaces.

Sometimes I would use my own sketches. For example, I had sketched the Easter Island landmarks for the Chile Illustration. I took a picture of my sketch and went through the exact same process. I find using my sketches more challenging and would love to continue practicing and start to do more detailed sketches.

When I have exported this Illustrator file into a JPG, I then use this Image Splitter website to divide my JPG/ image into six individual images.

The day before our new culture week, I then post each of the 6 photos on Instagram with a countdown to excite our viewers, for example, six hours to go, four hours to go, etc. On our main Instagram feed, all six images connect and align into my original image.

Soon, I’ll be creating an image for our up and coming Indian week. Now you guys now the behind the scenes process of our Culture Canvas Instagram. Stay tuned for more to come!


Published by Kirstywordpress

University student - Graphic design

One thought on “Creating Instagram Illustrations

  1. Kirsty great job, I can really see your sketches coming to life. The visuals are very engaging especially with the weekly guessing game to know what country it. Even though I had an idea of what counties you would be discovering it’s awesome to see how you creatively present them. It would be soo cool if you had videos on the next page of each post e.g. an animal, food or symbol just as another form of entertainment. can’t wait to keep stalking your work. also I think I want to do digital designs after seeing your work :/ thanks for the confusion ahaha

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