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Ideating Process

The first stages of the creation of our DA, Culture Canvas, started with a lot of brainstorming and discussions about our interests in learning about the cultures of our family and friends. Before connecting with my beautiful team, Georgia Gye, Ankita Som and Lydia Irankunda, I had started brainstorming my hobbies and possible ideas around questions provided in weeks one and two lectures.

When we joined forces we discussed what cultures we could realistically collect content for and created a rough timeline to refer back to. This has been changed slightly as we have gone along the ideating process.

We had also used name generator websites to help brainstorm possible name options and reached out to Twitter to make a final decision.

During this final week of module 1, Ideating, all four of us have worked together to create and collect content to celebrate Chile. I had interviewed my Chilean Nan, asking her questions and recording it all on my voice recording app.

Georgia Gye had also sent questionnaires via Facebook to Chileans in the Spanish Club within UOW campus. The questionnaires were created during one tutorial where we brainstormed question topics together. We have successfully had three responses so far.

Ankita Som and I have started to turn all of the interviews/answered questionnaires into transcripts. All transcripts will be posted on our blog section on our Culture Canvas website.

On the same day I interviewed my Nan, we had earlier cooked Cazuela, a traditional Chilean dish. I had recorded the process on my phone and wrote down each step we took. Georgia Gye has edited the recordings into a montage video. Lydia Irankunda has also helped put the finishing touches of the cooking video to have it ready to post for our YouTube channel, which will also be linked to our main website.

Lydia, Georgia and I have created some Illustrations that we’ve started to upload to Instagram to help promote our ‘Chilean week’ during week 6. The Illustration will take the space of 3 photos on our Instagram page, so throughout the next couple of days we will post a picture, one-by-one, which will eventually spell out ‘CHILE’. We had used Adobe Illustrator to create vector shapes of signs and symbols that reference Chile with the image trace tool (see down below). This is something we plan to do for every culture we research.

We have also collected short videos and photos to add to our Instagram story this week, which will work as a ‘behind the scenes’ section. Lydia and Georgia have used features on Instagram to add music and typography to the videos uploaded to be more upbeat and exciting.

We have also come across complications with finding a suitable and free website maker domain to use. As a result, Georgia did some research and discovered Google Sites, which so far has been an incredibly efficient site. We I aim to redo our website plans that were originally on SquareSpace now on Google Sites, using our shared google account, to have it ready by week 6.

With all four of us joining our DA ideas together we have created and collected much content effectively by helping each other and using our individual hobbies of video editing, video making, blogging and digital design to build a project we are all very passionate about. We are already starting to brainstorm content ideas for our Indian week later in week 7.


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