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Who owns Twitter? Does it effect me?

Media Ownership

Our ideas and knowledge about what’s happening in the world can be altered or even created by a certain perspective that the media gives us. Media owners have a frightening amount of power of deciding what information to give to us to shape what we see, think and feel. The more I think about it, I become overwhelmed and spiral with questions on whether I can trust certain media sources. It can become exhausting, so in all honesty, I tend to ignore this paranoia.

The main media source I go to is Twitter; more specifically what is trending on Twitter.


Before this week I didn’t ever wonder who owned Twitter, so with the help of Yu’s blog post (2018) I see that it is collectively run and co-founded by three men; Biz Stone, Jack Dorsey and Evan Clark Williams.

In general, yes, I do find it’s important to know who is behind the information that we are so dependent on, whether that dependency is conscious or subconscious. For example, I subconsciously am dependent on Twitter and I didn’t realise this until I stepped back and noted how often I do scroll down the trending feed.

To know the owners of Twitter is important, but I find myself more interested in who I follow and what people say in the comment sections of trending tweets.

For example, if I see a trending post by a news account like @BBCBreaking, which monitored by Twitter, I only pay attention to their tweet for mere seconds. I have more interest and impulse to then scroll down and look at the comments. It’s here that I observe and understand peoples’ opinions and shared knowledge. And there is always a lot of comments!


They can be entertaining and filled with honest opinions, which are more commonly unfiltered from the confidence gained by the protection of hiding behind a screen. But again, I should question whether the people commenting have enough accurate knowledge about the trending event discussed for me to completely trust.

On the other hand, the trending tweet itself may have been created from factors such as paid reporters, or could be run by a company that is driven with the want of likes to build a reputation and empire. The reality is that the news sources could only show parts of the whole story to manipulate its audience.

I’m hit with the harsh reality that I could possibly be manipulated by the trending news posts and the comments as well. But I will carry on being addicted to the endless scrolling through tweet after tweet.


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One thought on “Who owns Twitter? Does it effect me?

  1. This was a great look into the workings of Twitter, though this does feel like its more specifically talking about Twitter rather than media ownership as a collective, overall I think that this is solid, definitely encapsulates the experience of Twitter, especially as I am relatively new to it. I think though media ownership within Australia would provide more of a ‘grounded’ and more concerning point of view rather than a massive multi-national corporation like Twitter. I think a big thing too is the agendas of political parties within mainstream media which effects millions of Australians. overall great read thanks!

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