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When I was apart of a Music Festival Audience

Media Audiences

I have been a part of an audience for many occasions, but one that I remembered most vividly was Childish Gambino’s performance at ‘Field Day’ Music Festival.
I had been a part of his fanbase for a few years so the build-up to this event was exciting to say the least. This was also an experience that I shared with my close friend, who is also a huge fan. We knew that the live experience would be more than memorable and enjoyable compared to watching him perform through a screen, which we had done for many years. Also, this event was a part of the celebration of New Year’s which only added to the buzz.

The whole experience exceeded my expectations and, as we guessed, it was a lot more enjoyable in contrast to being in a digital audience through social media. Being a part of a dancing crowd all chanting every word to all of our favourite songs made it lively. Also, my friend and I had so much fun meeting and making friends with other fans. This most likely wouldn’t have happened without meeting them face-to-face. Overall, the excitement shared with these other fans was more impactful than comments or likes on a post.


In terms of the negatives of the live experience, there were a lot of audience members holding up their phones to record the show; which is expected. Now normally I wouldn’t mind this, but some frustration was built when audience members were holding their phones in the way of my view for majority of the show. But I’m not going to pretend that I wasn’t guilty of holding up my phone as well. I had been looking forward to this event for so long, so I found myself getting paranoid about forgetting the experience and wanting to record a few parts of each song.


Reflecting back on the experience I recognise that although technology has come a long way, it hasn’t fully encompassed the same experience as a live show.
This show was an example of how a disperse fanbase can come together to the same place to become a live audience. Though, it is also a scenario was we can question whether it was a full interactive audience. Generally, because we were gathered with hundreds of people sharing the same experience at the same time, we are then considered an audience. But, can we define this as an interactive audience when most members were watching the event through a screen as they tried to capture every second? These members could have then been referred to as a ‘media audience’ if they then shared this experience through posting their videos on social media such as Snapchat or Instagram.


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3 thoughts on “When I was apart of a Music Festival Audience

  1. This blog is very insightful, onto how I react when I go to concerts and big events. I tend to do the same and get out my phone and waste time by allowing more storage to stay on the phone or worrying about the battery. I know it makes my experience somewhat more stressful however I also want proof I went and have a locked in memory of that experience. You made me think and reflect with the use of words which I believe is the key to what you want from a blog. By speaking out about the negatives and positive of filming the events illustrates to me that we all do this but we don’t think about the other people in the audience or ourselves enjoying the moment at that time.

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  2. This is a very interesting and well written post about media audiences, it makes me jealous, I would love to see Childish Gambino live! The inclusion of pictures added personalisation and helped to engage the reader, whilst also making the post look aesthetically pleasing and exciting to look at. The way you spoke of your positive experience in comparison to the negative aspects of the concert allowed the audience to understand the exact way you felt as a part of the audience. The background information you included about the way you’ve been a part of the fanbase for a while, and how it exceeded your expectations proves the enjoyment and fulfilment you got out of the experience. Overall a great read, it links very well to the concepts discussed in the lecture and is structured in a way that is cohesive and enjoyable to read!

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